Corporate Philosophy

Treasure Factory offers people enjoyment, discovery, and amazement.

Treasure Factory brings pleasures, discoveries, and excitement to its customers, employees, trading partners, shareholders, and everyone else involved with the Company.


All things around us have a special added value. They create great joy through their re-use by meeting many different people and by being used.
People rejoice when they find exactly the item they have been looking for, and rejoice seeing their well-used items finding a new home. We consider it our mission to create all kinds of enjoyment through our services.


Many discoveries are made when people encounter a one-of-a-kind item. When someone discovers new value in an item no longer needed by someone else, the item is brought back to life. Moreover, the encounter with a used item can also become a source of discovery revealing one's own value perceptions, preoccupations, and preferences.
We consider it our mission to create opportunities for experiencing many new discoveries through our services.


We believe that each bit of action we take can bring about a small exciting moment. As the little bits of action accumulate, our service level and quality keep rising. We consider it our mission to keep exciting the people involved with the Company by persisting in these efforts.