Information Disclosure Policies

Basic Policies for IR Activities

Timely, appropriate, and fair disclosure of corporate information to all stakeholders of the Company, specifically shareholders and investors, are basic policies for the IR activities of the Company.
In order to earn the trust and confidence of shareholders and investors, the Company strives to enhance proactive information disclosure and two-way communication.

Information Disclosure Methods

Disclosure contents regulated by statute and the Timely Disclosure Rules, etc., are disclosed using the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Quiet Periods

In order to prevent the leakage of account closing information before official release dates and to ensure the fairness of disclosure, the Company observes self-imposed IR quiet periods in the interim from the day after the end of each quarter (February, May, August, and November) until the official release date. During these periods, employees and corporate officers of the Company are barred from making comments or answering questions concerning financial disclosure matters. Except, however, that information disclosures including corrections and amendments where appropriate will be made during self-imposed IR quiet periods if the possibility of a material deviation from future projections is found to exist.

Disclosure of Material Information in Accordance with the Fair Disclosure Rule

The Company abides by the Fair Disclosure Rule and manages material information which has not been disclosed (“undisclosed material information”) that may have material influence on the Company’s stock price. The Company aims to disclose such information to all stakeholders in a proactive and fair manner, which shall include financial information such as the Company’s financial conditions and business performance as well as non-financial information such as management strategies and business challenges.

  1. IR Explainers
    In regard to compliance with the Fair Disclosure Rule, the Company designates the President & CEO, the director in charge of IR, and staff of the IR department as persons to be engaged in duties of providing information to institutional investors, securities analysts, securities companies and other business associates.
    The Company will internally manage material information to prevent IR Explainers from providing to business associates, undisclosed material information that has material influence on the Company’s stock price.
  2. Definition of Material Information
    The following information will be managed as undisclosed material information subject to the Fair Disclosure Rule. The Company will implement internal management so that such information is not provided through individual IR interviews, etc.

    1. Information pertaining to undisclosed financial closing information and progress of earnings forecasts
      Undisclosed financial information such as sales, operating profit, ordinary profit, net income, etc. for the current and next fiscal years and beyond for the entire Company or by business or by individual company, as well as progress, etc. using individual figures.
    2. Information pertaining to undisclosed management plans
      Financial information, key specific measures, etc. related to undisclosed management plans.
    3. Information pertaining to undisclosed monthly results
      Specific information, etc. on undisclosed monthly results and current performance trends.
    4. Information pertaining to material decisions or facts which occurred that have not yet been disclosed
      Material facts decided by the Company, material facts that occurred, highly important facts prior to decision, etc. that are undisclosed.
    5. Other information that the Company deems to have material influence on the Company’s stock price.


Corporate disclosures (including any information displayed on this site), except factual legacy information, are based on currently available information that reflects the future outlook in the judgment of the Company and are provided without warranty as to their content. Forward-looking information on performance, etc., is subject to risks, uncertainties, and assumptions, and may materially differ from actual results.
Moreover, corporate disclosures (including any information displayed on this site) are provided exclusively for information purposes and not for the purpose of soliciting investment of any kind. Readers are reminded that investment decisions occur at the exclusive responsibility of investors.