Analyst Coverage

Report Release

Company Analyst(s) Data Report
FISCO Ltd. Yuzuru Sato 2015.5.28 (PDF:386KB)
FISCO Ltd. Yuzuru Sato 2013.5.23 (PDF:1,906KB)


The purpose of this list is to provide investors with information about the investment research firms and the analysts of research institutions engaged in analyzing and forecasting the financial results of the Company. It is not meant to solicit for trading in the shares of the Company. The Company neither endorses the forecasts, opinions, or recommendations of the listed stock analysts nor provides warranty for the integrity of the information they offer. This list is subject to change depending on transitions in covering analysts. The list of analysts stated in this information may not be exhaustive and the Company may be covered also by other analysts of whom the Company is unaware. Analysts, whether included in this list or not, prepare at regular or irregular intervals based on their judgment analyses and estimates concerning the financial results, operations, products, technology, and such other matters concerning the Company. The Company and the management personnel of the Company are not involved in any of these processes. Final investment decisions are made by investors at their own responsibility.